PCI-DSS compliance

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The PCI standard is considered by numerous businesses as the defacto standard to comply with, in order to ensure high security of IT systems. This document illustrates how DenyAll WAF (formerly known as iSuite), a leading Web Application Firewall developed by DenyAll, can contribute to help businesses obtain PCI certification.

This whitepaper captures our answers:

  • The PCI Data Security Standard: The goal of this standard is to list the main computer security best practices that actors involved in storing and transmitting personal payment card data have to follow.
  • Key Technical Background Related PCI-DSS and Web Applications: In order to highlight the relevance of PCI-DSS in securing sensitive Web applications, the following section provides some technical background to better grasp what is at stake.
  • DenyAll and its Product, DenyAll WAF: Discover why DenyAll WAF is the solution to get this PCI certification and to ensure a high security of your IT systems.