Introducing the Next Generation Web Application Firewall

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As an application security expert, DenyAll often gets asked why WAFs are the best way to protect the application-layer, and why network security tools are not sufficient. Customers also inquire about what makes us different and better than others.

This whitepaper captures our answers:

  • Requirements for effective, modern application security: several technologies need to be mastered and integrated together to turn application security into a true business enabler, which meets the growing demand for automation and simplicity, combined with lower cost of ownership and greater security effectiveness.
  • Differences between network security and application security: t’s very important to understand the difference between application security and network security controls, and realize that they use complementary techniques and that both are required to effectively protect modern IT assets.
  • Features required in a Next Generation WAF to effectively secure modern web applications and services: a lot of innovation has taken place in web application security since the early days, due to the very evolution of web application development languages and protocols and the fact that attackers have switched their attention to the application layer. Most WAF vendors only provide black and white fisting functions, while DenyAll has invested a lot in alternative and complementary techniques.