Focus on process and people to meet the security challenges of digital transformation

This whitepaper should interest your company

DenyAll and KuppingerCole worked together to show you how advanced identity and API management helps you meeting the security challenges of digital transformation. With digital transformation there is a new opportunity to get security right from the outset and create an integrated secure environment but business leaders need to think differently about the kind of security applications and tools that are required. This document writtent by CXP and DenyAll, shows you how to focus on process and people to meet the security challenges of digital transformation. 

This whitepaper captures our answers:

  • Software vulnerabilities are a danger to digital operations: Many organisations are using APIs to create mobile applications powered by web services, compatible with web protocols and existing platforms in order to create extra value from their existing IT infrastructure.One of the challenges of creating secure applications within an organisation.
  • How vulnerable web apps can be compromised and exploited: We will explain how hackers and criminal hackers attack APIs and web apps in a number of ways which, if successful, can result in lost data, damage or loss of web services, and the injection of malware such as ransomware.
  • How the right solutions can mitigate the risk of API vulnerabilities: Many existing security tools cannot work at the speed that digitally led organisations now require. Discover the best solutions to mitigate such a risk.