10 years of application security

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This white paper looks back over the main stages of the parallel changes in companies' needs, the threats to the security of their applications and the tools available to them for risk management. Once this retrospective is complete, broad outlines of the required changes to your applications' dedicated security tools will be presented.

This whitepaper captures our answers:

  • When IT opened up to the Internet: Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of private companies and public bodies have a presence online. This has changed over the past 10 years, from a fairly static institutional presence to a more interactive approach in which visitors can consult dynamic data, make an order or pay online.
  • A constant fight: As information infrastructures have developed, so too have the solutions dedicated to making them secure. They have developed from different angles, on the one hand, to respond to the growing threats to web applications, and on the other, to integrate into a rational, coherent, global approach to information system security.
  • Innovation is crucial to application security: The ability of an application layer attack to penetrate to the core of an information system changes the scale of the problem. In this part we develop three points, all equally important to provide a better security.