The NextGen Web Application Firewall is here!

This webcast should interest your company

DenyAll announced a major update of DenyAll Web Application Firewall 6.2 that will be very useful for your business! In this webinar, Stéphane de Saint Albin (CMO) and Jean-Philippe Rantin (Technical Account Manager) have revealed the new functionnalities that you should be aware of.

In this webinar, they will cover the following topics:

  • rWeb Security: three core security engines used DenyAll rWeb are available as new security bricks. The Canonicalization, Black List and Scoring List
  • Learning: new HTTP and REST learning and validation capabilities replace the former sitemap and focus table approaches. Swagger files describing REST Web Services can be imported to simplify and automate the process.
  • Orchestration API: a new high-level functional RESTful API helps automate repetitive administrative tasks such as tunnel creation, SSL manipulation, policy modifications, snapshots and backups.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: a new log management and storage facility, based on NoSQL technologies provides faster search, drill-down capabilities and new indicators
  • Application Security Automation: the application fingerprinting feature automatically identifies the nature of web applications and suggests the adequate pre-defined policy.