7 tips to vulnerability scanning in a digital world

This webcast should interest your company

The digital world abounds with rapidly expanding opportunities for innovation and businesses. In the rush, many precautions have been neglected and over 86 percent of websites and web applications contain at least one serious vulnerability that could lead to the theft of sensitive corporate data and customer information. Simone Hoefig (Territory Manager) and Harald Beutlhauser (Team Account Manager) has rolled up their sleeves during this webinar with 7 tips to help you stay ahead of the game in the digital world:

  • Today’s attacks on the digital world, how is the world changing for you and what are the threats and Web application vulnerabilities you should fear.
  • How to have a comprehensive view of all IT vulnerabilities by scanning your entire infrastructure, from network devices, wifi access points, servers and workstation operating systems and applications.
  • How to schedule automatic scans to ensure the continuous health of your IT assets on a time-based comparison of vulnerabilities.
  • How to virtually patch your application-layer vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes to prevent exploits until the vulnerability is finally removed.
  • How to prioritize and remedy your discovered vulnerabilities based on technical severity and the business importance of the assets and assigning tickets to your IT security team.
  • Be on the top for data privacy, ensuring your vulnerability data doesn’t leave your network and not being subject to US Patriot Act concerns.
  • Build custom reports just the way you like them with cutting-edge analytics capabilities for your management and your operational teams.